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Vientre photography 2023

Vientre was born in the second half of 2016 in a growing independent rock scene in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. Its members have been active participants in this scene for over 10 years working in different capacities through different projects, booking shows, making records, and touring.
Iván Zapata, Carlos Escobar and Ken Avila  gave life to this project. Once their first EP was written, they toured Colombia in November 2016 alongside the mexican band Joliette (MEX).

After the tour they recorded and released their first LP “Las Huellas Que Dejamos” on their own, garnering recognition all over Latin America, particularly in Mexico City, Bogotá and Buenos Aires.

In November of 2017 they embarked on their first international tour in their neighbouring country of Ecuador. And during May and June of 2018 they left accompanied by their brother band Mico for a twenty day tour all throughout Mexico sharing dates with bands like No Somos Marineros (MEX) and Capsize (US).

Vientre’s second full length album “Semillas” came out in November 2018 and several music videos were made to promote the album on youtube, helping the band spread throughout the global underground.
The band has played many important national festivals such as Festival Unirock Alternativo 2018, Festival Altavoz 2018 (Medellín),  Festival Galeras Rock (2017),  Festival Cali Underground 2017 and Festival Calibre 2017 & 2019. 

In 2019 Vientre was chosen to play SXSW in Austin Texas, however the visit had to be postponed for reasons out of the bands control, issues with their travel visas forced them to miss their SXSW performance. So instead - during the months of May and June, Vientre toured through Mexico and across the southern part of the United States. Hitting places like California, Texas and Florida, totalling around 20 shows with bands such as Quiet Fear, Lyed, Pavlov’s Bells, and Drip Fed.

During the Covid Pandemic of  2020 Vientre released the "Fronteras" EP along with a music video through Zegema Beach Records (Canada).

To kick off  2021 Vientre released their third LP "Estado de Imago"  which was pressed by Clever Eagle Records (US) and distributed by Desperate Infant Records (Hong Kong),  Left hand (EU) , Dog Knight Records (UK).  Along with plans for small tour to conclude the year.

In 2022 Vientre toured through Colombia, Mexico, and the US along with Basuraastillada (COL) Saton (MEX) Tolls (US), LFC (US).  And ended up establishing in the US to begin a new chapter in their careers. In May of 2023 they were joined by Mico (COL) and embarked on anoher tour through the east coast to support bands like, Jerome's Dream (USA), Blind Girls (AUS), The Sawtooth Grin (USA).

During this time, Vientre has released several split albums with Demersal (DK),  Letterbombs (FIN),  Piet Onthel (MYS),  Tolls (USA), Lyed (USA), and Saton (MEX).

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